Quick answer to the most common questions

1. How do I post a job requirement?

To post a job requirement you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the application and then navigate to the “Jobs” menu.
  2. On the bottom-right section you will find an option “Post Job +” and by tapping on it, you will be redirected on a page where you will receive options to feed the details like “Job Title”, “Description”, “Job Category”, “Job Salary”, “Timing” and “Job banner”.
  3. Once you successfully provide all the details you can then save the job as drafts.
  4. You can tap on the “Post Job” button and on verifying your mobile number your job will be made live shortly.

2. How long does it take for a job to be live on the portal?

Once the job is posted from the recruiter’s side, the job is made live as soon as possible, however the time duration taken can vary.

3. How can I delete a wrongly posted Job?

To delete an incorrect job you need to simply go to the “Jobs” section and then click on the job that you have posted. On the top-right section of the screen you will find an option for drop down, click on “delete” and your job will be deleted.

4. Can I temporarily hide a posted job?

Yes, once the job is completed or expires, the job gets hidden however, you can still view the job in your “My Jobs” section. You also have an option where you can temporarily hide a job if there is no immediate requirement.

5. Can I contact a candidate personally?

Yes, you can personally contact a candidate using the chat option.

6. How do I start a conversation with a candidate?

To communicate with a candidate you can click on their profile and on the top right section of the profile you will find an icon of “start conversation”, simply click on it and start a conversation.

7. How do I logout of my account?

To logout of the account you need to go to the profile and then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the “Logout” button, click on it to log out.

8. How do I turn off the notifications?

To turn off the notification you need to click on your “profile” where you will find an orange colored setting button to the right of the screen click on the icon. By clicking on the icon you will get the option to turn on/ off the notifications. Swipe the toggle button to make the changes.

9. Why do I need to complete the profile?

Completing the profile makes you more genuine uses and increases the visibility of your account thereby increasing the efficiency of Flipoke.

10. What is match percentage?

Match percentage shows the match ratio with respect to the mutual timing between the recruiter’s requirement and seeker’s availability.

11. What happens when I send an invite to a candidate?

When you send an invite to a seeker, he gets two options either to accept or decline your offer. If he accepts you offer you will receive an alert notification that the candidate has accepted your job invite and the candidate's profile will be shown in the employee's list.

1. How can I start a conversation with a job providers?

To start a conversation with a job provider, you need to click on a particular job and then you need to send a request to the provider. To do this click on the job post, on the top right corner of the screen you will see a start conversation icon, click on it and you will be able to send the invite.

2. How to search for an ideal job?

To search for an ideal job you can use the filters to set your desired tags, time slots, salary expectations, based on the filters, the jobs will be sorted and displayed to meet your requirement.

3. Can I share or invite a friend for a particular job?

Yes, you can invite a friend for a job by sharing the job post by clicking on the share icon given on the top right corner of all the job post.

4. Why do I need to input time slot?

By setting in your availability you can increase your visibility and chances of selection. Availability will make it easier for the job providers to search you and a complete profile will give you a higher ranking in the search option.

5. What are alerts?

Alerts section will display all the notifications from Flipoke or from the Job Providers.

6. How to save changes to my profile?

Select the last option on the navigation bar, this will be your “profile section”, now click on “edit profile” and make the changes to it, once you fill up all the details click on “save changes” and your profile will be updated.

7. How can I add a Job to favourite list or discard list?

To add a job to the “favourite list” or “discarded list” simply swipe the job to right, towards the left of the screen you will see two icons, clicking on the “heart icon” will add a job to the “favourite list” and clicking on the “bin icon” will put the job in “discarded list”.

8. How can I remove a job from the favourite list?

Once a job is added to the “favourite list”, simply click on the “cross icon” to remove the job from the list.

9. How to add a job from the discarded list to favourite list?

To add a job from the “discarded list” to the “favourite list” go to the “discarded list” section, click on the star icon of the job that you want to add to the “favourite list” and the job will automatically get shifted from the “discarded list” to the “favourite list”.

10. How do I know if I am recruited for a job or not?

If you are selected for a job, you will get a notification and you can view the status of your job in the “completed section” as “recruited” on the bottom of the page.

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